Circle of Single Women’s Fellowship

We are a fellowship that provides an opportunity for widowed, divorced, and single women to meet, develop friendships, enrich their lives, and deepen their faith by planning and engaging in social activities together. If you’re a single woman and interested in expanding your circle of women friends, call Cindy Willman at 248-709-4787 for more information. What is the “Single Women’s Fellowship”?

  • It’s a social fellowship of single women who share similar values and interests.
  • It’s a group of women who meet formally four times a year to plan social activities they can enjoy together during the coming quarter.
  • It’s an opportunity for women to get to know other women from church and the community
  • It’s a community of women who can come together to pray, play, or just talk
  • It’s a place where single women are welcome
  • It’s inter-generational
  • It’s doing extraordinary social activities or simple ones
  • It’s rich, quality time and fellowship you’ll find no place else
  • It’s fun!