Macomb County Warming Center (MCWC)

MCWC seeks to provide a safe, warm place to spend the night for those who would otherwise have no shelter. We will provide a simple but nourishing evening and morning meal. We will refer our guests to agencies that may be able to assist them further, if they desire. We are a faith based group who believes that our efforts and spiritual support, guided by the hand of God, can assist in inspiring positive changes in the outlook of individuals who face serious challenges that are obstacles to their ability to find housing. We strive to see Christ in all who come through our doors, and this basis of our work is visible in our log which we call “Christ in the breadline.” Contact the Parish Office at 268-2244.

A Thank You Letter

Dear Macomb County Warming Center Members, Volunteers, and all others involved. Please accept my sincere thank you for all your efforts and hospitality during my stay in the warming center. I really don’t know what I would have done without you! After my release from jail, I had nowhere to go. The weather was very cold. Most people who are not involved in this area ( homelessness ) don’t understand and are afraid to get involved. This alienates persons like myself from society. What a feeling! No hope, no love, no place to go. Thanks to your organization that changed for me. I changed from bitter, to calm and hopeful.

I know sometimes you must feel as though it’s a waste of time when residents of the program abuse the churches, volunteers, and other residents. Even though it may seem that your not getting to individuals ( meaning changing or helping ) you certainly are! You become hardened when your on the streets like that. You learn to put up a wall so thick that you feel safe from all harm. Guess what? The love I’ve seen from everyone in the center makes it through the walls. Countless times I’ve seen and heard from even the hardest of them all the feelings they have for all of you. You really make the difference! What a blessing I’ll bet God has in store for you! Thank God for you all being there! You all changed me so much that my sisters want me back in their lives. It’s sure good to have family! If your interested in updates in my recovery, feel free to write or E mail. Again, thank you so much!

North Branch, Mi.