St. Blase has an AFF committee who plan and carry out programs throughout the year to challenge adults to continue their learning and growth in faith. Meetings are scheduled 4-5 times a year. If you are interested in helping, please contact Cindy Willman at (248) 709-4787 or call the parish office.
All of our AFF sessions and presentations are open to ANYONE!
​You don’t need to be a registered parishioner, and if you are, we encourage you to invite family, friends and neighbors!

Upcoming 2024 Adult Faith Formation Events

Sacraments: History, Theology and Practice – October 2023 – May 2024

Back by popular demand, Dr. Mary Dumm will teach an eight week class on the sacraments of the Catholic Church! We celebrate the Sacraments every week. We celebrate them at special, God-arranged times in our lives. But, what do they mean? Where do we find them in the Scriptures? How can we more deeply enter into these sacred mysteries?

Please register by contacting the Parish Office or at stblase.org.

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Stopping Hate Crimes Presentation | Monday, April 29, 2024

Presented by The Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office, Chief of Hate Crimes, APA Patrick Coletta

Join us for a presentation discussing what you need to know to protect yourself and stop the hate! This presentation includes information on defining a hate crime, how to recognize a hate crime, and what you and your community can do to change the culture by promoting tolerance and preventing discrimination. Presentations and Materials are provided FREE of charge.

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Adult Scripture Study

Sunday Scripture Insights takes place every Wednesday from 10:30-Noon. This study is lectionary-based; each session focuses on the readings for the coming Sunday. No registration is necessary. As Catholics, we study the Bible to foster…
-A fuller understand of Scripture
​-A richer appreciation of the faith tradition of the Church
-A deeper, more personal relationship with God
-A strong sense of family, faith and prayer
-And a fuller experience of Christian Community

Catechist Formation Topics

The response to the call to be a catechist includes a willingness to give time and talent not only to catechizing others, but also to one’s own continued growth in faith, understanding, and skills. Catechist formation topics provide the catechist with the basic foundation for ministry through the study of topics in the areas of Scripture, theology, sacraments, and learning methodology. Catechist certification topics are offered at St. Blase at various times. These opportunities for formation and education are not just limited to catechists; all adults are welcome! More information about upcoming workshops can be found on the Becoming A Certified Catechist Page.

Women’s Friendship Breakfast

These events provide adults with a morning of fellowship, song and prayer featuring a special guest speaker who addresses issues faced by adult Christian men and women. Each event includes a catered breakfast.