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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Baptismal Preparation

How do we get our baby baptized at St. Blase?
Parents requesting baptism for their children must be registered in the parish for 6 months before the baptism of their baby. Baptism preparation involves 3 steps. To begin this process, parents are asked to contact either Fr. Randy or Mary Dumm at (586) 268-2244 for an initial interview. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to begin this process before the birth of their child.

The marital status of the parents does not affect the ability of a child to be baptized. Single parents, unwed parents, divorced parents and parents whose marriages are not recognized by the Church may have their children baptized. What does affect that baptism of a child is the parent(s) practice of the faith. This is the crucial question. If parents are not participating in weekly Mass and are making little attempt to live their faith then there is a problem in baptizing their child. Why? Because the child is baptized into the faith of his or her parents and into the faith of the Church. If the faith of the parents is lacking, we would be baptizing the child into a void!

Sacrament of Penance
When are private confessions heard?
Private Confessions are heard every Saturday at 3:00 PM. The Sacrament of Penance may also be made by appointment with one of the priests. Contact the Parish Office for more details at (586) 268-2244.

Sick Calls and Communion Calls
Who do I notify if there is a serious illness in our family?
Please notify the rectory office (586) 268-2244 when there is a serious illness in your family. The pastoral staff and ministers of the Eucharist visit the sick in their homes, in hospitals and convalescent homes regularly and parishioners will offer their prayers.

When it comes to the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick there are still Catholics who wait until the “eleventh hour” before calling the priest. There is no need to wait this long to ask for the anointing of the sick. Furthermore, given the shortage of priests, waiting until the “last minute” may actually result in no anointing occurring. For those who have a chronic condition, or those with a terminal illness, it makes sense to plan a celebration when family and loved ones can be present. Furthermore, given the shortage of priests and many demands on a priest’s time, it is hard to image how, in the case of a long term sickness, such an eleventh hour call can be considered an emergency! Instances of sudden, unexpected illness, such as heart attack, seizures, or stroke are a different matter. These are real emergencies and there is no way of preparing for them.

Wedding Preparations
How do I get married at St. Blase?
In order for a wedding date and time to be reserved, the bride, groom or their family ought to be registered at St. Blase. If you or your family are registered parishioners, contact Fr. Randy at (586) 268-2244 to see if the date and time that you want is available. Because of the number of weddings that we have, it is wise to do this at least one year before the desired date.

How do I become a Catholic?
Initiation into the Roman Catholic Church involves a process of study and conversion. We ask that those who are interested in becoming Catholic contact Deacon Ed McLeod in the Parish Office at (586) 268-2244 x220 to learn more about the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.

Newcomers to the St. Blase Family
How do I become a registered member of St. Blase?
We are delighted that you are interested in belonging to our parish family. In order to join our parish, please complete the registration form by clicking here and return it to either the parish office, an usher at Sunday mass, or simply place it in the offertory collection.

A representative of the parish will be contacting you to invite you to one of our “Newcomer” sessions. Here we will be able to better explain the ministries and activities of our wonderful parish. We would love to know how you feel called to become an active and participating member in the life of St. Blase. Please feel free to contact the Parish Office at (586) 268-2244.

Church Vocation
Who do I talk to if I am considering a Vocation in Roman Catholic Priesthood or Religious Life?
For many women and men, being in this kind of relationship is a special blessing in their life. If you have any questions about considering a church vocation, contact:
For Vocations to Priesthood: (313) 868 – 7040
For Vocations for Deacons: (313) 596 – 7142
​For Vocations for Lay Ministry: (313) 883 – 8710

Is anyone refused burial?
No one is to be refused burial. This is not only in reference to Catholics, but includes other Christians, nonbelievers, people of other religions and so forth. Obviously, a Mass would not be appropriate or desirable in all circumstances. Nevertheless, no human being should be refused burial from the Church.

Divorced Catholics
Divorced Catholics are not “cutoff” from the Sacraments. Unfortunately, some people feel that if they or someone they care about is divorced, they cannot receive the Eucharist or participate fully in the life of the Church. This is false. The only time this is a sacramental problem is when a divorced person remarries without having the first marriage annulled by the Church. In this case, the person is bound to the first marriage. Divorce and remarriage, without a prior annulment is a problem, but not divorce in and of itself. Of course if the person has obtained a decree of nullity (annulment) of their previous marriage, then they would be able to marry in the Church, provided the Church has imposed no sanctions.