Registration Information – Children’s Faith Formation

Faith Formation is a lifelong process. From womb to tomb we are called into a deeper relationship with our God who first loved us. At Saint Blase, we have many diverse opportunities to assist us in this growth process, for adults, teens, children seniors, singles, families…indeed for the whole community

Please read all important registration information below:

Important registration information:

  • Register by going to the parish office or register online.
  • ​Check any pre-printed information and make any necessary corrections to the registration form. Also, input any missing information. Please verify that your email address is accurate. Email is our primary means of communication.
  • Indicate program selections for each child and day (when applicable).
  • If you wish your child to participate in any of our faith formation programs, they must be regularly attending Sunday Mass. We cannot catechize them in the faith if they are not practicing the faith. If you attend a parish other than Saint Blase, please provide us a letter from your parish indicating 1.) that your family members are practicing Catholics, and 2.) that your parish is aware your children are attending Faith Formation sessions at Saint Blase.
  • If your child was not baptized at Saint Blase and is new to the Faith Formation Program, we need a copy of their baptismal certificate. If you do not have one, please contact the church where your child was baptized and they will send you one.
  • If your child has medical needs, such as allergies or ADD, ADHD, autism, etc., please note them on the registration form in the appropriate section and bring them to the attention of the Section Coordinator. This will enable us to provide a better learning environment for all participants. Staff and Catechists never dispense or administer any medication to young people. Parents will be contacted immediately in the event of a medical emergency using the emergency phone number you indicated on your registration form. If your child has special learning needs that we at St. Blase cannot accommodate, St. Ephrem’s Parish on 17 Mile and Dodge Park offers a Special Needs Faith Formation Program. St. Ephrem’s phone is 586-264-1230.
  • It is expected that preparation for sacraments is done in a person’s home parish. Families who are not Saint Blase parishioners may join in our preparation with permission of their pastor by way of a letter on a case by case basis only. Please see the appropriate section head for availability.
  • “Seekers” (those families who are not registered, practicing parishioners of any parish) may join our Faith Formation programs after a discussion with the appropriate section head. This discussion will include weekly mass participation as well as readiness of the children for the process.
  • Consider sharing your gifts and talents! Please indicate on the Time and Talent Form ways in which you can participate. There are many options, even for busy parents, especially with computer work.
  • Note: to be considered a parishioner, a family must have been registered at Saint Blase by January 1 of the current year. If you have recently moved into our area and were registered at another parish, please discuss this with the pastoral staff.
  • Inclement Weather Closings: In the event of inclement weather, St. Blase will cancel faith formation sessions when UTICA COMMUNITY or WARREN CONSOLIDATED SCHOOLS cancels their classes.

Contact the Parish Office for more details at (586) 268-2244

Early Childhood, 3-5 yrs old (PK-K6).

Meets twice a month on Tuesday evenings.

October-May | 6:30-7:30 pm

Please arrive 10 minutes before starting time.

Meets twice a month on Tuesday evenings.

October-May | 6:30-7:45 pm

Please arrive 10 minutes before starting time.

7th grade meets twice a month on Wednesdays. October-May | 6:30-7:45 pm

8th grade meets twice a month on Thursdays. October-May | 6:30-7:45 pm

Plus many other extra-activities for our young people throughout the year. Check the parish bulletin for those activities.

Please arrive 10 minutes before starting time.

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