Catechists are needed for Preschool, Grades 1-6 & Grades 7-8 programs.
These programs begin in October.

Let your wishes be known…
*Contact Kelly Sakorafos, Preschool Coordinator
*Contact Diann Chase, Grades 1-8, Director of Children’s Faith Formation –

Catechist Topics Offered for Catechist Certification:

Are you a Catechist? Do you teach in a Catholic school and are in need of Catechist Certification? Or do you just want to learn more about your faith? There are three different ways to go about it:

1.) Catechist Topics (2 hours each) offered periodically throughout the year at various churches in the area. 27 topics needed for certification.
Contact Mary Dumm for offerings in the area. Cost is $10 per topic, reimbursed to active St. Blase parishioners after successful completion.

2.) “Echoes of Faith PLUS” Video Series. Five classes/topics during the school year, 2 hours each, from 6:30 PM— 8:30 PM. Homework required by watching a CD/Rom and filling out companion workbook. Catechist certification can easily be accomplished in 2 years, 5 topics per year and 10 topics total. Cost is $50 per year, active St. Blase parishioners to be reimbursed after successful completion of the series. Call Diann Chase to get on the class list. 586-268-2244 or

PERK! Faith Formation tuition for one child will be waived for Certified Catechists.

If interested in becoming a certified catechist, please call Diann Chase – Director of Religious Education.