Yearly Knights of Columbus Events:

  • Spaghetti Dinner
  • Tootsie Roll Drive
  • Wine Tasting
  • Christmas Party
  • Wild Game Dinner
  • Chili Cook-Off
  • Haiti Spaghetti Dinner
  • Clergy Appreciation Dinner

Contributions of the Knights of Columbus:

Have you ever asked yourself what has the Knights of Columbus – Pope John Paul I Council #6865 contributed or participated in at St. Blase and the community since becoming affiliated with the Parish? The following will give you a good idea of the charitable and good works this small band of members has contributed:
  • Supports the charitable works of the parish, including our Haiti Outreach Mission and the Sacred Heart Seminarians.
  • Hosts multiple events at St. Blase:
    • ​Spaghetti Dinner
    • Wild Game Dinner/Super Raffle
    • Chili Cook-off
    • Wine Tasting​

Membership Opportunity – Pope John Paul I – Council 6865

Knights from the John Paul I Council #6865 located here at St. Blase
Do you know much about the Knights of Columbus? What they stand for and what they are all about?


Why Join the Knights of Columbus? Why Not?

Knights are practicing Catholic Men, 18 years of age and older, who are committed to making their community a better place, while supporting their Church. All we ask of you is to give our Organization a minimum of 24 hours of your time a year if at all possible.

* 12 Hours a year just to read Important Periodicals and Information sent to you. That’s half of your time just reading information at your leisure. Below are some examples of the reading material:

a) Our Council (Pope John Paul I, Council 6865) News Letter is sent out to each Knight once a month. This News Letter informs our members of upcoming events within our own Council that they may want to participate in.

b) The Columbia Magazine is sent out to each Knight once a month.

c) The Knight Line News Letter is sent out to each Knight once a month.

* 2 Hours a year to work on the MI Drive. Yes, that’s us selling Tootsie Rolls on Palm Sunday Weekend to raise money for the Mentally Impaired.

* 2 Hours for Corporate Communion. Our Council gets together each quarter (4 Times a year) to attend mass as a group. We only ask that you try to attend two of them. These Corporate Communions are held on the same day before the following events. All are welcome to attend the functions after the Mass but it is not mandatory.

a) Our Annual Installation of Officers usually held in late August or early September after 9 am or 11 am Mass. A luncheon is served after the Installation of Officers takes place. All Members and their families are welcome to attend. There is no cost to you.

b) Our Annual Council Christmas Party usually held the first week of December after the 4:00 Mass on Saturday. This family event is for Members and their families, children and grandchildren. Food, Snacks, Refreshments and Crafts for the Children. Santa Claus is there with gifts and there is entertainment for everyone. There is no cost to you.

c) Our Annual Clergy Appreciation Dinner usually held in early June after the 4:00 Mass on Saturday. All Members and their families are welcome. There is no cost to you.

* 4 Hours to attend Social Functions.
Note: Attending (2) of the above functions that coincide with the Corporate Communions takes care of (8) Hours of your time that we ask of you and, you and your Family had fun doing it.

* 4 Hours to help with one K of C activity involving Church, Community, Family, Council or Youth. Some of you are already doing this. There is no cost to you.

Please consider joining us and we know that you and your Family will have no regrets. The above are suggestions only; it is entirely up to you to determine how much time you can give. Thank you.

You owe it to yourself to find out more about this organization.