What is Youth Group?

Youth group is a safe space where those in Middle and High School can come together and share food, have fellowship, make friends, have some fun, and dive deeper into faith without even realizing it! We invite all those in grades 5-8 (Middle School – Sparks) and 9-12 (High School – Embers) to join us on Sundays, from 12:30pm – 2:30pm. All are welcome!! You just have to be open to being part of an amazing group of youth! We will be here every Sunday! No need to register, just need contact information when you drop off your kiddo. Let’s have some fun diving deeper into our faith, playing games, sharing stories, and letting youth be youth! God is good! All the time!!

For more information, contact Diann Chase in the Parish Office.

Youth Group FAQ’s

Youth Group for Middle (grades 5-8) and High (grades 9-12) School meets on Sundays from 12:30pm to 2:30pm starting in the Social Center. The Embers and Sparks will hopefully grow and become a strong ministry that empower youth to seek God while having fun! There have been some questions regarding Youth Group:

What is Youth Group? Youth Group is a safe space where youth can come together, build friendships, have fellowship, enjoy some food, play games, and learn about our amazing faith!

Do you only meet once? Nope! We are here every Sunday from 12:30pm – 2:30pm so if you miss one week, come back for another week. This is not a “formal” teaching group so if you miss a week, you just come the next week. There are no books to worry about and no syllabus – you just come and be present with an open mind and heart. This is the youth’s group (hence – youth group). We only ask that you give it more than a one-week trial. The first weeks of meeting are always a bit awkward as we learn to grow as a group. Everyone is always welcome at any time! Don’t think you can’t belong because you miss a meeting – you are always welcomed!!! Join us!

What if we aren’t Catholic? No worries there either! It is open to the community so the youth can bring their friends. We only ask that everyone respects each other and remember that it is a safe space.

Do we need to register? Parents/guardians need to sign in the youth and provide contact information so there is no need to register.

What topics do you discuss? We do ministry lessons based on what the Holy Spirit decides. Normally, it is liturgical, but it can vary depending on what the youth bring to the group. It is every-changing and reflects the Living Word of God. The only rules we have are to be respectful of each other, the youth leaders, our space, and be open to what is being discussed. Also, you must have fun!

Will there be events? Of course! They will be planned throughout the year, but know we are just starting out so events will come as the year unfolds.

Hopefully this answers the big questions, and we hope to see our youth be a part of this amazing ministry! God is good! All the time!!