FAITH FORMATION: Early Childhood

(For 3,4,5 or 6 year olds in Kindergarten)

Did you know that children, even three-year-olds, are capable of experiencing God in their daily lives? Preschoolers/kindergarteners are so open to learning about God that this is a PRIME time to begin watering the seeds that were planted at their baptism. Why not enroll your preschool child in this unique parent-child faith formation program at St. Blase?

Frequency: The Early Childhood Faith Formation Program meets approximately twice a month on Tuesday evenings – 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. from October – May. Each session is designed around a specific faith theme, craft, storytelling, music and prayer.

What if I can’t bring my child to a session? Grandparents or another significant other person in your child’s life may accompany them.

How do I register? If you are a parishioner of St. Blase Parish, register online or come into the parish office to fill out a registration form. If your child was baptized outside of St. Blase, please bring along their baptismal certificate.

Is there babysitting available? Sorry there is not.

Kelly Sakorafos

Early Childhood Coordinator

Please contact Kelly Sakorafos in the Parish Office if you have any questions: (586) 268-2244 OR email

Past Memories!

Comments from Other parents:
“I was COMPLETELY blown away by the quality of your program and am SO excited about the rest of the year! I’ve been going on and on about it to my friends “back home” in Ohio and my family here!”

“The kids (and I!) love it. They have so much fun! Conversations in the car driving home tell me my kids really “get it.”