Catechist opportunities at St. Blase

You’ve heard it said that “it takes a village to raise a child.” THIS IS SO TRUE! Therefore, we ask you to consider being a catechist or catechist aide, an instrument used by God to share the Good News with our children who are in desperate need to hear it!

You’re afraid? Don’t be! If Peter, Paul or any of the apostles let fear stop them, just think where the church would be today! We grow when we are challenged.

You don’t think you’re knowledgeable enough? Covered! There are multiple opportunities for you – training and formation right here “in house” at St. Blase.

What are we looking for in a catechist? We are looking for confirmed Catholic adults who are willing to learn, a good sense of humor, and a gentle spirit and temperament to teach, guide and listen to our children as they learn and grow in their faith.

What are we looking for in an aide? We are looking for teens or adults who will assist the catechist by helping take attendance, taking children to the bathroom, helping to keep order and assisting the catechist in anyway needed.

Faith Formation Catechist (Grade 1-6)
Catechists facilitate children’s group sessions and collaborate with the coordinator and other catechists on session plans. Time commitment includes:
runs twice a month on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 pm – 7:45 pm.
Contact: Diann Chase (586) 268-2244. More

Faith Formation Catechist (Grades 7-8)
Catechists, in collaboration with the program coordinator, facilitate group sessions with young people in grades 7 and 8. Time commitment includes: runs twice a month on Wednesdays from 6:30pm – 7:45pm for Grade 7 and Wednesdays or Thursdays for Grade 8.
Contact the parish office. More

RCIA Children’s Catechist
People who are willing to share their faith facilitate and teach small group sessions for children seeking Christian initiation. Lesson planning sessions and resource materials are provided to equip the catechist for this ministry. Time commitment includes being part of a catechist team that works on a rotating basis depending on need (approximately 8-10 sessions per year); and attending at least one 2 hour Catechist Formation Topic Session offered at various times and locations.
Contact the parish office (586) 268-2244.

Catechist Aide
Catechist aides assist catechists in faith formation session activities for children. Aides are needed in the following areas: Family Faith Formation Program and Young Adolescent Program.
Contact: Diann Chase (586) 268-2244.

Youth Ministry Team
The Youth Ministry Team works with 5 – 12th graders in their faith journey to adulthood. The team collaborates with the coordinator of youth ministry to plan and facilitate weekly sessions for teens on Sunday afternoon as well as a number of activities. Team members are asked to attend formation topics, working towards diocesan certification.
Contact the parish office at (586) 268-2244.

RCIA Sponsor
An RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) sponsor is a person willing to be a friend, witness, companion and guide for a woman, man or young person (7 or older) seeking Christian Initiation. Sponsors do not teach, but rather accompany the person seeking initiation on their faith journey. Although initiation is the responsibility of the whole community of St. Blase, the sponsor represents the community in a personal and direct way; therefore, we need BOTH children and adult sponsors. Time commitment includes attendance at weekly Tuesday evening sessions with the candidate for the duration of the candidate’s participation in the RCIA process (approximately 9 – 12 months).
Contact the parish office at (586) 268-2244. More

Returning Catholics Team Member
Returning Catholics Team Members are active Catholics who facilitate conversations with those who have been away from the Church and are interested in returning to the practice of their faith.
Contact Mary Dumm at the Parish Office, (586) 268-2244 more…