Thank you to everyone who donated and volunteered to help this year’s MCREST! We appreciate your willingness to help others!


Begun in 1988 with the idea of a homeless day camp, in the past 30 years Macomb County’s Rotating Emergency Shelter (MCREST) has evolved to now provide meals, lodging, life-skills training, housing assistance, job readiness training, and emergency shelter 365 days each year to Macomb County’s homeless population.
There are now approximately 70 committed churches, from many denominations across Macomb County, who help to provide meals and lodging to the clients of MCREST. For 7 days each summer, from Sunday night to the next Sunday morning, St. Blase becomes a welcoming community where the love of Jesus Christ is lived and shared with up to 35 women and their children in need of food and safe shelter. Why do we do this? We are called to love as Jesus loved – to show compassion to those in need, to uphold the dignity, honor the diversity and respect the life of every individual in our community. We are blessed to be able to help to provide homeless and displaced individuals the opportunity for successful transition to independence!

If you are interested in volunteering, please call the parish office at 586.268.2244