Circle of Families

Is your Family Looking For More?

Upon several occasions, you may have heard the term “Circle of Families” mentioned. A circle operated by the strength of each contributing family. Each
month, a different family “hosts” the evening. Sharing the responsibility among all the families of a circle surfaces gifts and talents while not overburdening any one particular family. We share our faith, our joys, our sorrows, our dreams and our love. Perhaps you are looking to connect with families like yourself to feel that same kind of support. Come and taste the banquet of family life lived to its fullest. Call the parish office for more info at 586-268-2244.

What Is A “Circle of Families”?

  • It’s approximately 5-6 families that meet once a month over a potluck dinner.
  • It’s being with people who share the same faith and beliefs.
  • It’s a place for children to get to know other children from church.
  • It’s a time to come as you are.
  • It’s an opportunity to gather to pray and play.
  • It’s warm and inviting.
  • It’s a place where single-parent families are embraced.
  • It’s intergenerational.
  • It’s doing extraordinary faith activities or simple ones.
  • It’s rich, quality time you’ll find no place else.
  • It’s fun!