Today we begin the last week of Easter and celebrate the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord. More than 15 years ago the Ascension was moved from Thursday to the Seventh Sunday of Easter. This was to ensure greater participation and awareness of this feast. I think it also helps to remind us that, as Catholics, we are not biblical literalists. According to the writings of Luke – Acts Jesus ascends to the Father 40 days after his resurrection. Throughout the bible the number 40 is highly symbolic and simply indicates a long period of time. Therefore the tradition of 40 days is not intended to be literal. In fact, from a spiritual and theological perspective it is difficult to separate the resurrection and the ascension. They appear to be “two moments” of one action. NEXT SUNDAY IS THE SOLEMNITY OF PENTECOST. REMEMBER TO WEAR RED TO HONOR THE HOLY SPIRIT (PUT A STICKY NOTE ON A PROMINENT PLACE TO REMIND YOUR SELF!)

I extend an appreciative, “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY,” to all who share in the vocation of motherhood. May we also remember Godmothers, grandmothers, stepmothers and mothers-in-law as well as women who cannot be mothers. All of these together with our mothers who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith are held in our prayers this day. God bless you all.

I know you join me in congratulating Fr. Ken Mazur, who has a full-time assignment effective July 1st. Fr. Ken will become pastor of St. Theodore, St. Damian and Divine Savior parishes in Westland. Prior to his arrival the plan is to consolidate all 3 parishes into one, at the site of St. Theodore. While I will be sad to have him no longer assisting us on Sundays, I am happy for him that he is finally settled and will soon be a pastor.

Speaking of which, this Saturday Archbishop Vigneron will ordain 5 men to the priesthood at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral. Please keep Deacons Paul Graney, Dominic Macioce, Kevin Roelant, Timothy Wezner, and David Tomaszycki in your prayers this week prior to their ordination to the priesthood.

This Friday, here at St. Blase, the Elephants in the Living Room present Dr. Stephen Pope as he address the topic, “Can Catholic Moral Teaching Develop?” Dr. Pope teaches theology at Boston College and has written extensively on Christian ethics. Join us if you can at 1:00 P.M. in the social center for what promises to be an enlightening presentation.

If you have not already done so, PLEASE REMEMBER TO MAKE YOUR PLEDGE OUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE CATHOLIC SERVICES APPEAL (CSA.) You may drop it in the Sunday collection, mail it to the office, bring it in person and there is now even an online option. You can go to to make your pledge and payment. IF YOU USE THIS OPTION PLEASE RETURN YOUR PLEDGE ENVELOPE TO ST BLASE AND INDICATE THAT YOU GAVE ONLINE. THANKS!

​Fr. Randy Phillips