Though our guests depart today we continue to remember them in our thoughts and prayers and strive to be aware of how various issues affect the poor and marginalized. A heart-felt “THANK YOU” to all who helped to make this year’s MCREST another smooth and rewarding experience.

I know you join me in extending a very big “THANK YOU” to MARY MONSCHAU for her leadership in guiding this year’s MCREST. It is a big task that requires organization, attention to detail, working with others and a heart filled with compassion for those less fortunate than ourselves. Assisting at this year’s MCREST were our reliable co-chairs: Diane Royer (Overnight Supervision); Pat Lenkner (Check-in); Cindy Willman (Kitchen); Bob Mackstaller (Transportation); Karyn Rudzinski (Laundry); Melissa Willman (Events); David and Michael Rudzinski (Facilities Coordinators.)

In addition I want to offer a word of appreciation to our many, many volunteers who came forward to welcome our MCREST Guests. This is a major undertaking but one of the most edifying that we do. It requires real sacrifice for so many to interrupt their summer and welcome, cook, drive, wash, clean-up, supervise and assist our guests. Then there are all of you who stand behind our Chair and volunteers, taking items from our McRest “Needs Board” and supporting this effort with donations of food, personal care items, money and other supplies. This ministry couldn’t happen without you. THANK YOU, ALL.

Are you ready? NEXT MONDAY, JULY 18TH, WE BEGIN THE YEAR-LONG CELEBRATION OF OUR FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY – – AT COMERICA PARK! Our choirs will sing our National Anthem and hundreds of us will be in attendance, noticeable by our “Blase-wear.” It should be a fun beginning to a wonderful year of celebration, service and thanksgiving. If you didn’t get a ticket enjoy the game on TV and be with us in spirit.

The weekend of July 23-24 our parish will participate in the Missionary Cooperation plan. This year we will welcome the Basilian Fathers, who will be preaching at all the liturgies. The Basilians, formally, The Congregation of St. Basil work primarily in Latin America serving among the poor in an ongoing effort to assist them in their struggle for human dignity and self reliance. Please be generous in supporting these missionaries and pray for missionaries throughout the world.

Fr. Randy Phillips