July 31-August 6

This year we are hosting our MCREST guests at their new location. The Women and Children’s Shelter opened up in Mt. Clemens this past January. They house approximately 45 women and children there on an ongoing and rotating basis.

Our responsibilities as host are to provide three meals each day for the duration of our host week. The donations that are received will go toward purchasing the food items needed.

We are also in need of volunteers to help with this year’s MCREST. If you are able to donate some of your time to make this year’s host week a success, please contact the appropriate chairperson listed below. If you have any questions, please contact Lisa in the parish office at 586-268-2244.


Meal Prep. Volunteers This volunteer position would involve the purchasing and preparation of dinners for our guests during our host week. Please contact Dinner Chairperson, Mary Pernicano at 586-264-4624

Drivers/ServersThis volunteer position would involve picking up prepared meals from our kitchen crew or restaurant at 5pm each day and delivering them to the Women/Children’s Shelter in Mount Clemens. It would also require these volunteers to stay and serve the dinner to our guests. (Total time commitment: Approx. 2 Hours). Please contact Transportation Chair, Bob Mackstaller at 586-216-4872

Monetary DonationsAny endeavor that requires so many resources will also require the funds to make it a success. Donations will be accepted in the parish office.

Thank you for your generosity!