THIS SUNDAY (AUGUST 21/22, 2022), OUR PARISH PARTICIPATES IN THE MISSIONARY COOPERATION PLAN. Due to the pandemic, we have not had a missionary address us in a couple years. (The notable exception being Fr. Ken!) This year, the Rev. JACEK CYDZIK will make the appeal. He serves the Prelature of Esquel, Argentina. Fr. Cydzik will be preaching at all the liturgies. The missionary cooperation plan affords us an opportunity to be just a little in touch with the worldwide church. It also gives us the chance to support the work of missionaries, be they priests, lay or women religious. Please be generous – – envelopes are in your packets. Insofar as it is not possible to date, or put these envelopes in chronological order, you might have to look for them! Envelopes will also be on the information counter in the gathering space that weekend. Thank you in advance for your prayers, generosity, and attentiveness to our visiting missionary.