Summer Circle (Vacation Bible School) is just around the corner. You know how big we make this – – it is an event, a happening, an experience – – much more than the ordinary, run of the mill VBS. To keep doing that, however, we need parents, grandparents and neighbors to REGISTER YOUR CHILDREN NOW SO WE CAN ORDER THE APPROPRIATE SUPPLIES.

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. While the Trinity is a mystery and difficult to comprehend, there is one very practical way to observe this great day. TEACH YOUR CHILD(REN) OR GRANDCHILDREN THE SIGN OF THE CROSS! I am both amazed and saddened at the number of children who cannot make the sign of the cross. When children too young to receive holy communion are blessed by the communion minister, they need to be taught to make the sign of the cross over themselves – – just as they do, or should do, when they dip their hand into the baptismal font as they enter or leave the worship space. This gesture is how we begin our prayer, both formal and informal and it should be “automatic” for all, even our little ones. So parents, I ask you to please reinforce this at home.

It what is now en embarrassingly belated announcement, I am nevertheless happy to say that Jim Richard and Amy Hogan are co-chairs of our Ushers. After decades of leadership Jerry Simon stepped down from that position. Jerry more than deserves his “retirement” after giving of himself so generously for so many years. It is strange, in a good way, to see him sitting next to his wife, Sally, at mass. (Sometimes I think the spouses and children of the ushers should sit together during the liturgy!) Although I sent a personal note to Jerry when he stepped down I had always intended to publically recognize and thank him, together with recognizing and thanking Jim and Amy for agreeing to take on this position of leadership and service.

The Spring Projects are here! The replacement of the shake shingle part of our roof has begun. We have a new projector and screen in the church. This is now a rear projector so we will no longer have to negotiate any video projections over and against the beautiful artistry of our Art and Environment Committee. This has been a minor, but real nuisance over the years, and now it is finally behind us. In early June the tile will be replaced in the Social Center. We want to have this project completed before Summer Circle and McRest.
Church news you might have missed includes the Archdiocese of New York beginning a canonical inquiry into the life of Dorothy Day. This is a “next step” on the path toward canonization. It includes interviewing those who knew her and reviewing her unpublished writings. In Rome a conference sponsored by the Vatican’s Pontifical Council of Justice and Peace stated that the Just War theory is outdated and no longer valid. Too often this theory has been used to endorse rather than to limit or prevent war. Modern warfare routinely violates the principle of proportionality, which is one if the pillars of the just war theory. Also routinely violated in contemporary warfare is the principle of not killing civilians. These actions render the vast majority of contemporary wars to be unjust. Lastly, Pope Francis has called for a commission to study the possibility of ordaining women as deacons. Before jumping to conclusions, be mindful that Pope Francis has not named anyone to this commission nor has any timeline for the commission been set. Though a welcome sign of hope for many women and men, this will not be happening tomorrow!
Fr. Randy Phillips