​Happy Second Week of Easter. We continue celebrating this week with infant baptisms. Baptism and Easter have been associated together from the beginning of our faith. In his letter to the Romans, St. Paul explains that when we are baptized and are immersed into the water that we have died and are buried with Christ. Then we rise from those waters to live a new life, the life of a follower of Christ, and receive the promise that we shall also share in his resurrection from the dead.

I extend thanks to all who made the celebration of the Sacred Triduum so prayerful and inspiring. Our Liturgy Planning Committee begins to prepare for the great three days in August when we go on our retreat to make ready for the upcoming year. Many ideas for the feel, décor, music and other elements that go into these liturgies are worked out in those intense four days. Special thanks to our Pastoral Associate, Mary Dumm, who coordinates, direct, and does the ground work for the Sacred Triduum. Thanks and appreciation is also due to so many others: to Vince Schembri, the Art and Environment Committee and their host of helpers who almost move-in for the week; our Director of Music, Steve Petrunak, and our entire music ministry. Thanks also to all those teens who led us in praying the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday. For her first go round in directing this prayerful experience our Youth Coordinator, Ashley Hursin, handled it like a seasoned pro. Appreciation is due to all our liturgical ministers: lectors, ushers, greeters, altar servers, communion ministers, lectors, sacristans, mass coordinators, video ministry, banner wavers, those who launder the altar linens and YOU – – the active and participating assembly. Behind the prayer, silence and joyful noise were our faithful and dedicated cleaning crew and our Director of Maintenance, Tom Haas, together with a small army of volunteers – – because it does take an entire community to move great liturgy from a plan to a reality.

A special word of THANKS and an acknowledgement of indebtedness is due DAVE AND CORY TRUMBULL for their leadership of our Fish Fry. Thanks also to all our volunteer workers. So many show up faithfully year after year together with some new helpers – – your commitment is greatly appreciated. This was another successful year.

In addition to feeding ourselves at the Fish Fry, our EASTER BASKETS provided a Happy Easter celebration for needy families. Thanks to Denise Porcasi for her leadership as well as all who packed and delivered the Easter Baskets in the name of our parish. Of course, no one can pack and deliver what has not been turned in to us – – so a big “thank you” to all those who purchased items and donated food toward this great ministry.

​I’m sure that I missed some others who deserve words of thanks and appreciation. These wonderful liturgies and ministries really require the assistance of many, many people for them to be as inspiring as they are. As pastor I am grateful that we are able to so devoutly, reverently and prayerfully keep the Sacred Triduum.