CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2016. Today at all the liturgies we will bless any and all graduates joining us for mass this Sunday. Photos of some of our grads – – those who gave us photos – – appear in today’s “Flame.” Graduation is a time of endings and beginnings, a rite of passage. Whether you are completing college, high school or elementary school there are changes ahead. Life just won’t be the same for you or those close to you. Just as your faith has guided you to this point in your life’s journey, so allow that faith to grow and mature as you do. God’s gift of faith will give your life meaning and direction every step of the way. For those going away to college I remind you now to look into the local campus ministry / Newman Center. It is all too easy with studies, making new friends and new interests to let faith fall by the wayside. Keeping close to Christ will help in the transition to college and the years ahead. God’s Blessing upon all our graduates and their future endeavors.
Work on the shake shingle portion of our roof is progressing nicely. This is a big project and will require several weeks. Weather and parish events are both factors that will, inevitably, prolong this task. I have been impressed with the work crew from Butcher and Butcher that is tearing off the old and installing the new. They have consistently been polite, considerate and best of all, clean-up every evening.
You never realize how much a space is utilized until it is not available. Such has been the frustration with the Social Center being re-tiled. Obviously it is necessary for this space to be closed while this work is being performed. We have a very narrow window from Memorial Day to the start of Summer Circle and wanted to take advantage of it.

Summer Circle is just two weeks away. Have you done any wall climbing to prepare hiking Mt. Everest, Mt. Sinai, Mt. Carmel, the Mt. of the Beatitudes and the Transfiguration? Don’t forget that one always goes up to Jerusalem, too! Darlene Ivan and her co-workers have another great week in store for the children of our community. If you are not going to be part of it at least consider the wrap-up concert on Thursday evening. Now I’m off to the gym to get in shape to climb the mountain of the Lord – – or maybe that should happen via prayer or service or all the above.
Fr. Randy Phillips